PVC–Budget option

  • Tilt and turn opening scheme
  • U–factor (thermal insulation value): 0,19
  • Perfect noise protection for enhanced quality of living
  • 76 mm installation depth for greater thermal insulation
  • Advanced five chamber technology
  • Triple pane glazing
  • Ventilation solutions available
  • Optional integrated burglary protection for greater security
  • Easy care thanks to robust and weather resistant surfaces
  • Extensive laminate color range
  • Improved statics
  • All PVC-U profiles are produced with lead-free stabilisers based on calcium and zinc.
  • Greenline

Valda Gold Series system offers all the benefits modern windows can give you.

This double seal system with five chambers and 76 mm construction depth offers a fascinating combination of modern design and perfect profile proportions. Whether function, structural properties, insulation values, environmental protection, or preservation of value, it fulfills the requirements of both today, and above all tomorrow.


The system is such an innovative design that it can take modern triple glazing or special functional glazing with panes up to 48 mm thick.

Inteligent Design

Thanks to intelligent fastening technology, the professional installation is fast, clean, and effortless. So replacing old windows with new modern Valda Gold Series systems could not be easier. Even the standard system version fulfills the low energy house requirements – U value = 0.18.

The intelligent overall design boosts thermal and sound insulation, and you profit from greater living quality, cost effectiveness, and security.

Opening schemes (PDF)

Color Options

Combine form and color just as you wish. An extensive profile range – with offset, semi offset, and design sash – and various surface finishes offer a great many possibilities. The system is available in white, woodgrain laminates, or plain or metallic colors – laminated on the outside and white on the inside, or laminated on both sides. Moreover, Gold Series is available with the new innovative surface technology proCoverTec in a further 22 colors.

Golden Oak
Dark Oak

AluClip option

Valda Gold Series system offers also an option for clip-on aluminium cladding which combines the advantages of both materials in the one structural element. On the outside, the aluminium cladding offers almost limitless possibilities in color design, whilst on the inside PVC-U profiles ensure low maintenance, high dimensional stability, and reliable functionality.

More info about 76 mm system