Although the profile is the base of any window and door, the largest heat and sound transmission is through the glazing as it has the largest area.

The glazing is a detail of the window, which should never be overlooked. Glass panes can be combined in different configurations depending on the client's preferences and the desired effect. What is important is not only your windows appearance, but how they will perform their primary function - to isolate you from the outside environment.

Because we care for our customer’s needs, comfort and satisfaction, Valda works with one of the best glass manufacturer companies, as a main glass supplier for all of Valda systems.

Saint Gobain is one of the world leaders in glass manufacturing. It’s materials and solutions are the key ingredients in the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all. The company provides solutions that make buildings more efficient in terms of their energy consumption, and which help contribute to saving the planet. It’s glass solutions are already helping and will help even more in the future to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Insulating glass options

Insulating glass is the most effective way to reduce air-to-air heat transfer through the glazing.

It consists of two or more plies of glass enclosed by a spacer. Inherently, insulating glass increases a window's thermal performance by reducing the heat gain or loss. When used in conjunction with low-E and / or reflective glass coatings, IG units become an effective means to conserve energy and comply with building codes. All Valda insulated glass units are filled with gas argon for even better thermal performance. Insulating glass is used due to the improvement in solar performance it provides. The most significant improvement is thermal performance (u-value) which improves by approximately 50% when compared to a monolithic glass ply. This improvement occurs whether the glass is coated or uncoated.

Valda offers multiple configurations of insulating glass units.

Dual pane glazing – The most common insulating glass unit, suitable for any climate and complying with the codes.

Triple pane glazing - The most common triple insulating glass units are constructed with three plies of glass separated by two hermetically sealed and dehydrated spaces. This construction increases the insulating value of the glass unit, thus reducing the u-value. A triple insulating glass unit is especially useful in applications where a low u-value is necessary. More commonly, triple insulating glass units are constructed with three plies of 1/4” glass and two 1/2” spaces. Valda’s triple insulating glass units are available with the same coatings offered with dual pane insulating glass.

Dual and Triple pane glazing with laminated glass - Insulating Laminated Glass provides the solar controlling properties of an insulating unit along with the safety features of the laminated inboard component. This allows the flexibility to design with various combinations of tinted glass, high-performance coatings, patterned glass, together or alone. In addition, Insulating Laminated Glass enhances acoustical performance, ultraviolet light protection, and the laminated component is designed to remain integral in the opening should glass damage occur.

Tempered glass options - Tempered safety glass is available on all products.

Coating glass options

In addition to the improved solar performance, insulating glass offers a greater availability of coatings.

Low – E / Energy / All climate