PVC–Budget option

MACO PROTECT door locks on front doors, apartment entrance doors and back doors make forced entry a difficult job thanks to their special features, which include i.S. security roller cams, steel bolts, locking hooks and a hook & bolt combination. Optimised sound and thermal insulation complete the enhanced lock-specific features. Various security components, such as the hook&bolt combination, can be used up to the highest burglary-resistance grade.

As the first impression made on visitors to your home, your front door is a symbol of your creativity and style.

Our doors have been designed to offer you more beauty, performance and value than any other entry door. With beautiful details, durable construction, and proven energy efficiency, Valda residential entry doors are the ideal way to reimagine your home’s exterior. We offer perfect security solutions without compromising the appearance of your home. Various locking systems cover the highest security requirements.

We offer a variety of design options, including sidelights and transoms. Along with it, the huge range of colors and details in our product catalog, is a guarantee for a perfect look of your home.

Standard doors

A great price-quality ratio without compromising the appearance. This product line offers more traditional look, but still very classy and up to date.

Luxury doors

Valda luxury doors series can make any home look different, stylish and inspiring. The wide range of models, details and colors allows you to express your creativity and impress with unique style and appearance.