PVC–Budget option

  • Tilt and turn opening scheme
  • U–factor (thermal insulation value): 0,25
  • Additional insulator in the thermal break chamber
  • Perfect noise protection for enhanced quality of living
  • 75 mm installation depth.
  • Straight and rounded profiles
  • Triple pane glazing
  • Co-extruded central gasket for better thermal insulation, drainage and air permeability
  • Ventilation solutions available
  • Possibility of mounting antiburglar hardware for better security performance
  • Extensive color range
  • Improved statics

The Aluminum Gold series is a system specially designed and manufactured to meet modern housing requirements in the energy efficiency era.

Especially designed internal extra isolators, multi-chamber EPDM central seals and 39 mm polyamides provide excellent thermal insulation with a U value of 0,25 and bring the system to the highest standards.

The system offers a wide variety of functional and aesthetic features, a wide range of profiles and classic straight lines. It has 75mm frame width. The Gold Series is a proper system designed to meet the requirements of every window and door in the building. With a thickness of aluminum profile ranging from 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm, it is specifically designed for heavy doors that can withstand extreme operation.

Opening schemes (PDF)

Color Options

In addition, aluminum gold system  comes with a possibility for painting in any RAL color and even wood imitations.

Golden Oak
Dark Oak