PVC–Budget option

In their own special way, the shutters present a convincing range of functions and characteristic advantages.

Our shutter system programme includes the production ranges RolaPlus and OmbraPlus, which have an outstanding reputation in the industry with their rolling and French shutter systems. A highlight in the product group is our add-on box system VariNova for rolling shutters.

Valda also offers an extensive roller shutter slat programme for RolaPlus and all of the standard market roller shutter boxes.

Our high-quality PVC-U roller shutters are true allrounders. They exclude both light and noise. In summer, they give shade; in winter, they increase thermal insulation; and fitted with suitable additions, they offer greater protection against forced entry.

Different French shutter systems give every house an individual character, from rustic to elegant. All of the shutters provide reliable privacy, noise, heat and intrusion protection.

RolaPlus shutter slats
RolaPlus roller shutter box systems
OmbraPlus boarded & french shutters

RolaPlus shutter slat type Z38

The special design of the roller shutter system Z 38 makes it ideal for renovations. It can be rolled up into a compact form and so needs little space. Thanks to the wide range of colours, these roller shutters blend perfectly into your architecture and facade design.

RolaPlus shutter slat type Z52SIX

The roller shutter system Z 52 SIX presents a convincing combination of optimal winding diameter and ultra stable design, ideal for large window and door widths.

RolaPlus shutter slat type Z56

The roller shutter system Z56 presents a convincing combination of high stability and small winding diameter. It is suitable for large window and terrace door areas.

VariNova front-mounted box
VariNova add-on box
VariNova extension blinds

The RolaPlus roller shutter boxes of PVC-U are used in both new and old buildings in conjunction with PVC-U, aluminium, and wooden outer frames. Adjusted to the installation conditions, the roller shutter boxes can be opened to the inside of the room or at the cover on the bottom.

French shutters enhance the beauty of your home. They lend it the whole charm of the south, that certain something, that individual character.

And you have a wide range of colors and many interesting woodgrain laminates to help you make the right choice – exactly to your taste, just as you pictured it.