The insect screens are made in sizes and comply with the dimensions of the windows and doors ensuring that they are discreetly positioned to not reduce the visibility and have the following advantages:

  • Made of high quality aluminum frames and fiberglass mesh with teflon coating;
  • Require almost no maintenance;
  • The potential for powder coating of aluminum profiles in RAL color or wood imitation;
  • The specifics of the rolling nets allow installation on any type of windows, as both come fitted with external shutters.

There are 4 main types of insect screens: rollers, static and screens on hinges and pleat.

PVC–Budget option

Pleated insect screens
Static screens and screens on hinges

Pleated insect screens

  • The possibility of making larger and installation on gates with dimensions up to 5000 mm width and 2400 mm height
  • Elegant and effective solution to the problem of annoying insects
  • Maximum collection in the stowed position
  • Luxurious and modern alternative to standard mosquito nets
  • Possible colors - white, brown 8014, golden oak and a choice of color catalog by RAL

Static screens and screens on hinges

  • Suitable for windows and doors that do not require moving the network or there is a possibility to open out;
  • They can be colored: white, golden oak, dark oak, mahogany and color by RAL